Collaborating partners


The ILDS provides ongoing leadership and support to foster initiatives, projects and policies with global impact for those affected by skin disease. They want to attain the best possible skin health for all people around the world.

Their mission is to increase awareness, cooperation and communication within the global dermatology community to promote high quality education, clinical care, research and innovation that will improve skin health globally.



The International Society of Atopic Dermatitis (ISAD) developed out of the tradition of the international atopic dermatitis symposia created by the Norwegian dermatologist of Hungarian origin dermatologist Georg Rajka in Oslo, starting back in 1979, when he, as an enthusiast for Atopic Dermatitis, would for the first time personally select and invite colleagues to a conference on atopic dermatitis.  ISAD organises a regular, international symposium on atopic dermatitis, works closely with patient organizations and supports research through grants and fellowships.



The International Eczema Council (IEC) is a global nonprofit organization led by dermatology and allergy experts on atopic dermatitis. The IEC is dedicated to increasing the understanding of atopic dermatitis and promoting its optimal management through research, education and patient/family care.





The European Task Force on Atopic Dermatitis (ETFAD) is a taskforce of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, bringing together European experts on atopic dermatitis. The ETFAD regularly publishes evidence-based consensus statements and guidelines.




The International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations (also known as GlobalSkin) is a unique global alliance, committed to improving the lives of patients worldwide. We nurture relationships with members, partners and all involved in healthcare - building dialogue with decision-makers around the globe to promote patient-centric healthcare. GlobalSkin's work is founded on three pillars: research, advocacy and support.